Chemical pretreatment may be broadly defined as a procedure mainly concened with the removal of natural as well as added impurities in fabric to a level necessary for good whiteness and absorbency by utilising minimum time, energy and chemicals as well as water.

It appears that the mechanism of dyeing depends on the nature of both dye and the fibre. However, dyeing auxiliary chemical products are essential to carry out the dyeing process effectively.

Process for conditioning textile materials in order to enable them to have, especially, a pleasant handle and a very low or even non-existent yellowing.

Denim washing is an aesthetic finish that is imparted to fabric to improve the softness and comfort of the fabric. In addition, the fabric achieves a different look such as a faded or worn-out appearance. It also enhances the appeal and to provide strength. The emphasis is on comfort and softness.

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Special lubricants and more specifically perfluorinated lubricants choose the best base oils combined with the highest quality additives. The end result is a significant improvement in oils life and wear reduction compared to others.

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